Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Lord is My Shepherd 3

Please re-read Psalm 23, perhaps in an unfamiliar translation.

Please re-read Chapter 3 of _The Lord is My Shepherd_ by Harold S. Kushner

1) pp 28 & 29: What is the meaning of "want" as used in the King James Version of the Bible? How does that contrast with the way we use "want" today? If knowing that "want" meant something different in the KJV has changed your reading of the psalm, in what way has it changed?

2) pg. 29: According to the Psalm, what will God provide? What are our real needs?

3) pg. 30 1st full paragraph: How do you feel about that small sign and the rabbi's interpretation of it? What would it be like to crave God that way? Instead of purchasing the things the consumer culture teaches us to crave, would you be willing to instead give that money to your church? To support a missionary? To a local soup kitchen?

4) pg. 30: Kushner describes one of the major goals of religion. How do you feel about prayers that begin with "thank you" in contrast with prayers that begin "please give me"? Which do your prayers most resemble?

5) pg. 31: What is the "mixed message" Rabbi Kushner identifies? How does he resolve the dilemma? (pg. 32)

6) pg. 33, 1st full paragraph: Have you been in either of these situations? What is your reaction to the question Kushner poses in the next paragraph?

7) pp 34 & 35: It's as if the rabbi is thinking out loud here. working though all the thoughts he has, trying to resolve them. Which he does at the end of the 1st full paragraph on pg 35. What are the right things to desire?

8) What are your empty spaces? What do you fill them with? What would Kushner and the Psalmist have you fill them with?


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