Monday, June 18, 2007

There are five words that can heal all things

Posted here with permission. I commend my rector's sermon on Sunday to
all. Not to mention his Trinity Sunday sermon which I think is the
best Trinity Sunday sermon i've ever heard. You can hear them here:

Below is a snippet of his sermon of yesterday posted to Ho/B/D

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From: Michael Russell

There are five words that can heal all things

"I am sorry."

"Thank you"

The woman at Jesus feet knew that is forgiveness preceded her even saying
I am sorry. The Pharisee required hearing the words. Jesus simply pointed
out that the woman's actions and disposition showed her faith and hunger for
unity with God without her needing to satisfy any human bureaucrat or
self-appointed judge of worthiness.

In her actions at his feet she said those words.

If you think about it those five words summarize the Eucharist.

I am sorry is the pinnacle moment before the peace

Thank you is the balance of the service

When I did mediation very stubborn persons fiercely holding their
position would suddenly melt when the other person said "I'm sorry" even it
if was about the conflict and not an admission of the other person's claim.
It was amazing to see.

The unnamed woman is perhaps the exemplar of how we might all work
through this present moment. She did not fall at the feet of the Pharisee
in the hopes of being restored to HIS exclusive community. She fell at
Jesus' feet. It is there that mercy and loving kindness are taught us.
Jesus has no concern at all for those there who protested his forgiving
her. Neither should we when we practice being rich in forgiveness and
loving kindness to those whom the Pharisees reject.


Michael Russell, Rector
All Souls' Point Loma
C4 San Diego 2006 MA, MDiv, LLC

Every three seconds a child dies from poverty related causes, every
eight seconds the death is from water borne causes. Three hundred die
during the average Sunday sermon, sixteen hundred during the average
Sunday Eucharist.

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