Monday, October 08, 2007

Reading for Feb 6, June 7, Oct 7

Feb. 6 - June 7 - Oct. 7

The ninth degree of humility
is that a monk restrain his tongue and keep silence,
not speaking until he is questioned.
For the Scripture shows
that "in much speaking there is no escape from sin" (Prov. 10:19)
and that "the talkative man is not stable on the earth" (Ps. 13[14]9:12).

Some thoughts:

First of all, my apologies for omitting to do this on Oct 7. I was out the door early in the AM and didn't return until after 10PM.

If there was ever passage of the RB directed at me personally, I guess this is it. I just don not know how to keep my mouth shut and oy vey the trouble I get into. And were Benedict writing this today, I'm sure he'd have something to say about keeping silent on the Internet too!!

I believe all of us can so deeply relate to what he says here, that there is really nothing much i could say. I am reminded of Mark 7: 15b "the things that come out are what defile". Not what goes in.

Commentary by Sr Joan Chittister

When arrogance erupts anywhere, it erupts invariably in speech. Our opinions become the rule. Our ideas become the goal. Our judgments become the norm. Our word becomes the last word, the only word. To be the last one into a conversation, instead of the first, is an unheard of assault on our egos. Benedict says, over and over, listen, learn, be open to the other. That is the ground of humility. And humility is the ground of growth and graced relationships on earth. Humility is what makes the powerful accessible to the powerless. Humility is what allows poor nations a demand on rich ones. Humility is what enables the learned to learn from the wise.

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