Monday, January 14, 2008

Reading for Jan 14Ru, 2008

January 14, May 15, September 14
Chapter 2: What Kind of Person the Abbess Ought to Be

The Abbess should always remember what she is
and what she is called,
and should know that to whom more is committed,
from her more is required (Luke 12:48).
Let her understand also
what a difficult and arduous task she has undertaken:
ruling souls and adapting herself to a variety of characters.
One she must coax, another scold, another persuade,
according to each one's character and understanding.
Thus she must adjust and adapt herself to all
in such a way that she may not only suffer no loss
in the flock committed to her care,
but may even rejoice in the increase of a good flock.

Some thoughts

Don't know about you, but this is not a job I would want. Although I wouldn't mind being on the receiving end of such care from someone who has a more balanced view of who I am because I am very quick to heap burning coals on my head when I do something wrong and am all to quick to dismiss any good that I do.

When we are guided, we need someone who can see through the lies we tell about ourselves. We may not only be in denial about our sins, but we may equally be in denial about the gifts God has given us.


  • At 7:26 PM, Blogger PurpleQueen said…

    I just found the link to your blog via the shawlministry group. Have read several of your previous comments and am interested that we seem of like mind in several ways. IE - who else do i know that likes the Abyss? I just found it at the store the other day and am tickled and can't wait for a long weekend to watch it. I too willingly "heap the coals" on my head, and my sponsor (an AA thing) is quick to remind me of the error of my ways. I pray for God's will daily, and while not a Christian, enjoy all you (and many others) have had to say.


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