Monday, February 18, 2008

Reading 02/18/08

February 18, June 19, October 19
Chapter 15: At What Times "Alleluia" Is to Be Said

From holy Easter until Pentecost without interruption
let "Alleluia" be said
both in the Psalms and in the responsories.
From Pentecost to the beginning of Lent
let it be said every night
with the last six Psalms of the Night Office only.
On every Sunday, however, outside of Lent,
the canticles, the Morning Office, Prime, Terce, Sext and None
shall be said with "Alleluia,"
but Vespers with antiphons.

The responsories are never to be said with "Alleluia"
except from Easter to Pentecost.

Some thoughts

Maybe I said this the last time we read this bit but, honestly, can we say "Alleluia" too often? Granted, Benedict is taking about its use in liturgical prayer.

The Hebrew word "Halleluya" as an expression of praise to God was preserved, untranslated, by the early Christians as a superlative expression of thanksgiving, joy, and triumph.

Do we give thanks to God often enough? Do we express back to Him the joy he has given us as His beloved sons and daughters upon whom His favor rests? Do we shout in triumph often enough that despite the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune which all too often come our way, we know He is with us through it all, sharing everything we share? Do we embrace that golden moment when we discover that our deepest sorrow can be transfigured into joy because we find His face looking back up at us from the bottom of the abyss?

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