Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Praying the Psalms

Among the many reasons it is important to pray the psalms is this:
the psalms make it clear that there is no part of the human condition
that cannot be brought to God. Some of the psalms express some
downright nasty human emotion. Yet they have been a part of our holy
writings for thousands of years.

Something praying the psalms helps me with is to be more honest with
myself, to come out of denial about that which I would prefer to
pretend is not true about myself. It is only when I face truth that I
am set free, it is only then that the light can pierce and ultimately
shatter that darkness.

God wants our every thought, word and deed. He wants our every
weakness. He wants our every sin, too. It is only when we are as
honest with ourselves as certain psalms demonstrate honesty, only then
will God transform our weaknesses into strengths.



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