Saturday, July 25, 2009

Reading from the Rule of St Benedict, July 25, 2009

March 25, July 25, November 24

Chapter 45: On Those Who Make Mistakes in the Oratory

When anyone has made a mistake
while reciting a Psalm, a responsory,
an antiphon or a lesson,
if he does not humble himself there before all
by making a satisfaction,
let him undergo a greater punishment
because he would not correct by humility
what he did wrong through carelessness.

But boys for such faults shall be whipped.

Some thoughts

I've read enough accounts of life in the oratory to know that the number 1 annoyance is mistakes in the Daily Office. I get the sense that they lose themselves in the rhythm of the prayer and get all jolted gollywag when someone goofs. Kardong also says that such mistakes were considered human error due to inattention. I can see how paying attention to one's prayers while participating ina corporate worship is desirable. Can't you?

This business of children being beaten. Well, that's nasty and I don't care to see it, no matter how much I remind myself that our modern notions of child abuse are quite anachronistic and historically inapplicable. Kardong point out that much is lost in translation as Latin has 3 different words translated as "fault": fallor, delinquo and culpa. Culpa refers to those who will not take responsibility for their faults and refuse to do penance. Culpa is the word used in reference to the boys who are whipped.

This passage makes me think about how much attention I pay to my own devotions and challenges me to question if I do them by rote. Of course, there is benefit to do doing by rote, just might take me longer to be blessed.

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