Friday, August 28, 2009

Saying of the Desert Christians: Abba Epiphanius 1

(Abba Epiphanius) added, 'A man who receives something from another because of his poverty or his need has therein his reward, and because he is ashamed, when he repays it he does so in secret. But it is the opposite for the Lord God; he receives in secret, but he repays in the presence of the angels, the archangels and the righteous.'

Some thoughts

I am really not at all sure what to make of this Saying. "Reward?" It is not the giver who is rewarded, but the receiver. Is it the reward of humility? The humility of knowing a dependendence on another? Ashamed of needing another? What does the Lord God receive in secret? Our prayers? Our worship? Our service to each other?

Have to say, "the presence of the angels, the archangels and the righteous" sounds wonderful. Very inviting.


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