Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sayings of the Desert Christians; Abba Bessarion

Abba Doulas, the disciple of Abba Bessarion said, 'One day when we were walking beside the sea I was thirsty and I said to Abba Bessarion, "Father, I am very thirsty." He said a prayer and said to me, "Drink some of the sea water." The water proved sweet when I drank some. I even poured some into a leather bottle for fear of being thirsty later on. Seeing this, the old man asked me why I was taking some. I said to him, "Forgive me, it is for fear of being thirsty later on." Then the old man said, "God is here, God is everywhere."

Some thoughts

Trust in God to provide for us. That's what I am thinking this Saying is about. Did Bessarion really turn salt water sweet? Who knows. Does it really matter? I don't think so.


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