Friday, September 04, 2009

Forty Years ago this week the 1st message was sent over the Internet

Forty years ago this week, the first message was sent over the Internet. 40 years ago, fresh back from Woodstock (40 years ago last month) I didn't know a thing about the Internet and computers were things that took up whole floors at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA.

Well now, the Internet sure has come a long long long way in 40 years. And as I was clicking the buttons on the Hunger site, breast cancer site etc, I was thinking that my own clicks don't amount to a lot. After all, 1.1 cups of food is not enough to live on. Although I suppose it is better than nothing. Not much better, though.

I googled "how many people use the Internet daily worldwide?" Received the answer of: 1,668,870,408. That stat is from
So I go to thinking... if every Internet user in the world clicked on and all the related sites, collectively Internet users would do a very great deal. Of sure, some people will think "I clicked so I've done enough" and be satisfied with their involvement. They won't have done enough, of course. But maybe habitual clicking would turn out to be a starting place to rethink all of the parts of their lives that contribute to world hunger, abuse and violence of women and children. Once they've rethought, then they'll take action.

It takes maybe 60 seconds to push all the right buttons. It's doable. Everyone has 60 seconds to spare.


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