Friday, January 21, 2011

Once Was A Soldier by Julia Spencer-Fleming

A few weeks ago, readers of a list upon which I have lurker status were offered a chance to get a reader's copy of the newest book by Julia Spencer-Fleming, One Was A Soldier. As I love free books, I wrote as per the directions and a copy arrived yesterday.

At the time, I had never heard of this author or of her characters, Rev Claire Fergusson, an Episcopal priest in upstate New York and Russ Van Alstyne, Chief of Police . There was enough chatter on the list to intrigue me and I checked my local library where I was able to check out all of the series. I read them in order. In fact, I read one a day because I just could not put them down.

One Was A Soldier was no exception and I read it the same day I received it. Again I could not put it down. I found in it the same elements that so gripped me in the earlier books. It can be summed up in the world "realism." Ms. Spencer-Fleming does not offer a rosy picture of human relationships, does not shrink away from the hard stuff. She grapples it head on and make for a compelling story every time.

In this latest book she delves into the effects the Middle East War has on us. Characters that we have come to care about in her earlier books are dealing with some nasty repercussions to their war experience. Even our heroine wonders if God can help her.


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