Friday, May 15, 2009

Rule of St Benedict Reading for May 15,2009

January 14, May 15, September 14

Chapter 2: What Kind of Person the Abbess Ought to Be

The Abbess should always remember what she is
and what she is called,
and should know that to whom more is committed,
from her more is required (Luke 12:48).
Let her understand also
what a difficult and arduous task she has undertaken:
ruling souls and adapting herself to a variety of characters.
One she must coax, another scold, another persuade,
according to each one's character and understanding.
Thus she must adjust and adapt herself to all
in such a way that she may not only suffer no loss
in the flock committed to her care,
but may even rejoice in the increase of a good flock.

Some thoughts

I am reading a delightful book called _The View from the Monastery_ by
Br. Benet Tvedten of the Blue Cloud Abbey in South Dakota, a
Benedictine monastery. It is short only 192 pages and a breezy read.
It is full of anecdotes about life at Blue Cloud. But these anecdotes
also serve to illustrate the daily nuts and bolts of living the Rule
of St. Benedict. In the chapter, "The Abbot" he writes of Abbot
Gilbert and how this man filled the ofice to which the brothers had
elected him. How he lived out chapter 2 of the RB. I highly recommend
this book. I found it in my public library.


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