Monday, May 18, 2009

Rule of St Benedict Reading for May 18,2009

January 17, May 18, September 17

Chapter 3: On Calling the Brethren for Counsel

In all things, therefore, let all follow the Rule as guide,
and let no one be so rash as to deviate from it.
Let no one in the monastery follow his own heart's fancy;
and let no one presume to contend with his Abbot
in an insolent way or even outside of the monastery.
But if anyone should presume to do so,
let him undergo the discipline of the Rule.
At the same time,
the Abbot himself should do all things in the fear of God
and in observance of the Rule,
knowing that beyond a doubt
he will have to render an account of all his decisions
to God, the most just Judge.

But if the business to be done in the interests of the monastery
be of lesser importance,
let him take counsel with the seniors only.
It is written,
"Do everything with counsel,
and you will not repent when you have done it" (Eccles. 32:24).

Some thoughts:

What a wonderful ideal, is it not, that all conform to the Rule in all things at all times. If only it were that easy. To be human is complicated. We are full of this and that, such and so and whatever which tug us this or that away, hither and yon and backwards and forwards.

The RB gives a model, a standard. Every day we start over. Every day we haul up our socks and keep on keeping on. Along the way we discover joy, companionship, repentance, doing better as we seek to know Christ as He knows us.


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