Monday, June 29, 2009

Rule of St Benedict Reading for June 29, 2009

February 28, June 29, October 29

Chapter 22: How the Sisters Are to Sleep

Let each one sleep in a separate bed.
Let them receive bedding suitable to their manner of life,
according to the Abbess's directions.
If possible let all sleep in one place;
but if the number does not allow this,
let them take their rest by tens or twenties
with the seniors who have charge of them.

A candle shall be kept burning in the room until morning.

Let them sleep clothed and girded with belts or cords --
but not with their knives at their sides,
lest they cut themselves in their sleep --
and thus be always ready to rise without delay
when the signal is given
and hasten to be before one another at the Work of God,
yet with all gravity and decorum.

The younger shall not have beds next to one another,
but among those of the older ones.

When they rise for the Work of God
let them gently encourage one another,
that the drowsy may have no excuse.

Some thoughts:

My favorite portion of today's reading is always the bit about the knife. Today I find myself wondering what circumstance was responsible for this bit of advice. It is the sort of common sense thing that one would not think one would have to remind people about. Such as the cup of coffee is hot or something else that seems blatantly obvious.

I have noticed, though, there are times in my life, when I need to be reminded of the blatantly obvious. Do you share this with me? That you get so caught up in something, so trapped in the details that you overlook the obvious? Or perhaps even the simplest solution right there under your nose?

I also like the bit about "gently encourage one another" because IMO in this world there is much too much of the ungentle. Benedict sure knew how to read people. We have to be told to sleep with our knives under the pillow, to be gentle.

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