Monday, July 27, 2009

Saying of the Desert Christians: Love 4


Abba Agathon said, "If I could meet a leper, give him my body and take his, I should be very happy." That is perfect charity. It was also said of him that when he came into the town one day to sell his goods, he met a sick traveller lying in the public place with no one to care for him. The old man rented a room and lived with him there, working with his hands to pay the rent and spending the rest on the sick man's needs. He stayed there four months until the sick man was well again. Then he went back to his cell in peace.

Some thoughts:

Don't have much to say about the 1st part of the Saying as I am sure we all know how lepers were ostracized and feared. Can't add anything new to that.

I am taken though with the latter portion. Talk about living out the example of the Good Samaritan. Would you do this for a stranger? Would you give up 4 months of your life to do something unexpected by way of service? I don't know that I would. We are not such risk takers, what with fear of being sued, conned, taken advantage of.

Abba Agathon had no such worries. He saw a need and he supplied it. He offered himself as the solution. He didn't say to other people on the street that someone had to do something about the man in the gutter. He didn't walk around the body and keep on going. He didn't form a committee to the study the situation. He did not write a letter to the Mayor or his Congressperson. He did not expect anyone else to do it. He did it himself. He became involved.


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