Monday, September 14, 2009

Saying of the Desert Christians: Abba Isidore 5


For now is the time to labour for the Lord, for salvation is found in the day of affliction: for it is written: 'In your patience gain ye your souls' (Luke 21:19).

Some thoughts:

I don't want my salvation to be found in the day of affliction because who wants affliction? Certainly not I. Affliction, however, is unavoidable. I believe this Saying speaks to how we are in the midst of affliction, how we comport ourselves. There is no point trying to avoid affliction as it will surely find us in some manner, shape or form. Who we are in the midst of it, how we behave as we endure, whether we turn to the Lord to help us... these all speak to our characters and whether we are willing to have the Lord shape them.


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