Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Saying of the Desert Christians: True Peace 1


One of the brothers asked Abba Isidore, a priest of Scetis, "Why are the demons so terrified of you?" And the old man said, "Ever since I became a monk I have tried never to let anger rise as far as my mouth."

Some thoughts:

It's a nice for a change to read that the demons could be terrified of one of us. And here we learn that it is control of our anger that will have this result. What a concept!

Would merely repressing our anger have this effect? Feeling it seethe around inside of us but never making ti past our lips. I don't think so. What would there be to scare demons in that? Probably sounds right at home to them.

Possibly Abba Isidore meant not only that he did not speak his anger but the process of preventing it from verbal expression also required him to examine his anger. Find out what his anger was all about. What caused it? Perhaps he means that we do not always have a right to our anger. That our anger could be as much if not more to do with us and our emotional baggage than it has to do with the alleged incident which provoked it.

Well, I am sure I don't know for sure. These are only my speculations.


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