Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Saying of the Desert Christians: Love 5


A soldier asked abba Mios if God accepted repentance. After the old man had taught him many things, he said, "Tell me, my dear, if your cloak is torn, do you throw it away?" He replied, "No, I mend it and use it again." The old man said to him, "If you are so careful about your cloak, will not God be equally careful about His creature?"

some thoughts:

A lovely metaphor, is it not? Of course, in our day, I wonder how many of us mend anything? Seems to me mending takes much less tiome and effort than it does to get in the car, drive to the mall, find a parking place, explore the stores for the replacement (while purchasing lots of extra stuff we didn't plan on when we left home), get back to the car, drive home again.

In contrast, knowing that we might mend might cause us to take more care in the first place. But know that we can mend, that gives us hope to continue.


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