Saturday, March 07, 2009

May the Holy Spirit Dance in Our Hearts

For some years now, I have been using "May the Holy Spirit Dance in Our Hearts" as my sig.

There is a little story behind this prayer. Sometime ago now on a list we were discussing the Hebrew language and a priest said that there are only 700-800 words in Hebrew and they all have lots of meanings. He used the example that the Spirit in Genesis 1 which has been translated as hovering or brooding can also be translated as dancing.

When I read that I was reminded that in the Middle Ages and into the Renaiisance, a prevailing image was that of the Great Dance in which God, all the angels and archangels, humanity and all of creation danced their way through the heavens, each fulfilling their part in the dance so that it flowed and undulated.  As in a ballet, for example, where every dancer is necessary for the whole to come out right.

Next a vision formed in my mind of a ball of chaos around which God danced, full of joy, love and laughter, and as He danced and made contact with the chaos, creation emerged. Then it also seemed to me that the human heart is also All Too Often a place of chaos. Mine is, anyway. Can't speak for anyone else's. Then I thought of the Holy Spirit dancing with joy,love and laughter around my heart and creating order there, a place of the ultimate hospitality. A place where we entertain God. And from that, came the prayer, something I most truly desire for all of humanity. Well, for all of creation.